Thank you for your participation on the HoneyRun  - 

Our community commitment to our Honeywell School. 

We really appreciate your support in making this fundraiser happen. 

Here you can find HoneyRun rules.

Do check out our Routes and Distances page for inspiration and pre-mapped routes.

Rules & FAQs

Have fun, keep healthy
The most important goal of the HoneyRun is to have fun, raise funds for the PTFA and support the schools healthy living ethos.

It’s a fundraiser, not the olympics
Please record miles in keeping with the have fun, keep healthy, spirit. 


Safety first
Run / ride / scoot / walk carefully. Obey the Highway Code, wear a helmet and lights where appropriate.


Kilometres, Miles or Steps? 

We ask you to record in kilometres as most apps and watches provide this information. Adults - one easy approach is to record only once, daily, your total kilometres, i.e from your Apple Watch or Fitbit. For kids - you can use our pre-mapped routes below.

How do I track my kilometres / routes ?
In keeping with the spirit of the event, we don’t expect all kilometres to be logged with a GPS. We have shared a few popular local routes below to help make calculations easy. You are very welcome to use Garmin, Strava etc, simply estimate from Google Maps or use sites such as MapMyRide. If the event continues in future years, we may add a Strava Club, but for now, please feel free to calculate miles in the most convenient way for your family.

Do kilometres on exercise machines count?
Absolutely! It’s a friendly challenge and we’re all short of time, so feel free to use a treadmill, indoor cycle trainer or the kilometres from your daily walk/ride to work/school.

I have 3 children at the Honeywell. How should I record my kilometres?
As long as you only record each kilometres once, we really don’t mind. Parents can decide which child’s class they allocate their kilometres to, or they can spilt their kilometres between each child’s class.

The dog comes running with me every day. Can I add her kilometres?
That might be stretching the rules a little bit far!


I am having trouble logging a second child’s miles after I have submitted the first batch to the website.
Try a page refresh. That should fix it.

Walking with a buggy? Your kilometres may not be recorded accurately.

Holding on to a buggy with two hands while wearing i.e Apple watch - your distance will not be recorded accurately. See example below. Walk done together while first user held on the buggy while the second user didn't. (Click to image to view) 


I’m a local business and interested in supporting the HoneyRun. Who should I contact.
Please complete the Contact Us tab on the HoneyRun homepage.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 07.41.36.png


Looking for a challenge?

Would your family like to pledge how many kilometres you’re aiming to cover?

Come up with your own daily, weekly or fortnightly target to aim for.

Make your sponsors proud and help to boost your class total.

If you’d like to share you’r pledge with the rest of the school, let us know.

We’d be happy to add it to the daily totals correspondence

we’ll be sending to all Honeywell families.

Some example family pledges ....

Ruell family pledge

"We will aim to walk 2 km each per day during the week and cycle 20 km each weekend. We’re aiming to get to at least 120km in total."

McCarthy family pledge

"We will do as a family 20km. Kids will do 10km and we will do 20km."

Clark family pledge

"The Clark family will pledge to do 40 km in the next two weeks."

Harvey-Perry family pledge

"We do a lot of walking at weekends on Wandsworth Common and Battersea Park whilst Harry is on his bike and scooter trips round the common after school - as long as this heatwave does not continue we are hoping to do 120km in two weeks."


Baumann-Winn family pledge

"We do a lot of daily walks and cycles with the kids as well as daily running, plus commuting on a bike so we would think we could achieve 200km in two weeks."

Haggstrom-Jackson family pledge

"We will be doing a lot of long Thames Path walks during the next two weeks. Some morning runs and afternoon kiddie scooting & biking. We are thinking we should be able to achieve 200km in two weeks. Fingers crossed!"

Dyer family pledge

"100km -We'll supplement our indoor exercise programmes with ~2km a day. "

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