HoneyRun is a fundraiser organised by the Honeywell Infant School's

reception classes Palm and Maple together with the PTFA. 


RESULTS 13.7.2020

Thank you so very much to our active, generous and supportive Honeywell community & friends. 

Our HoneyRunners have achieved amazing 2703.96 kilometres

and our fundraiser has raised total of 

We are absolutely delighted and so proud of our community!

Thank you for all the effort and commitment.

Our fundraiser is a big team effort - welcoming the whole school to get involved.  We are hoping for many of our Honeywell families to ramp up exercise levels and log the kilometres they complete.  Walking, running, scooting, cycling, even churning the kilometres out on your peloton bike between conference calls. All efforts and distances, from children and parents/carers are welcome in support of the Honeywell team effort.


The aim is for each year group to add together the kilometres we cover and see how far we can go. Hampton Court, Hamburg, Helsinki, Heraklion, Honolulu....

If you’d like to get involved and support your year group & Honeywell in total distance,

here’s what to do next:  

1. During the period of the fundraiser 27th June - 12th July 2020  - ramp up your exercise and record your families total distances everyday, before starting please see Rules

2. Log the kilometres you cover as frequently as you can in the form below.

3. Collect sponsorship / donations via the donations page - PTFA's Virgin Giving HoneyRun Fundraiser page 


Have fun and Enjoy!

  We cannot wait to see how far the HoneyRun team will go!

Logging Your Kilometres 

27th June until 12th of July 2020

Logging your kilometres and see how far the HoneyRun will take us! 

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